The Next Level in Music

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Welcome to the Don Blackman web site. To view certain features on this site  you will need Quicktime, Acrobat Reader and Adobe Flash Player.

On this site you'll be able to access things of interest. Such as Don's Bio, where Don will be performing, behind the scenes videos of original members of The Family Tradition. There's also behind the scenes footage of Marcus Miller, Lenny White and Roger Byam.
People have been asking, "What are you doing these days?"  "Who are you working with?" "What are you working on?" etc. 

I'm presently writing and producing a gospel group out of Jersey City, New Jersey entitled Voices Of Praise Ensemble along with the founder,  director and vocalist Ladora Knight. I believe this CD will touch people  of all cultures and races and will be a blessing to all who listen. 

 I'm working on my CD as well. My main man Nate "Raaw" Simpson (no relation to O.J.) will be doing his thing on this next jammy. Trust me, my CD is going to be out there. 

Also my other main man Nate "Nato" Tinsley will be making his debut on my next Cd. A talented rapper, writer, arranger and studio extraordinaire. 

 Also Nato will be coming out with his own Cd in 2009. I heard it. 
 All I have to say, he's ahead of the rap game for real.
 People have emailed asking me about the Don Blackman myspace page. 

This page is unauthorized. The authorized Don Blackman myspace is  now in effect. On this site I will be able to respond personally to all that write. 

For a couple of weeks now I've been promising an Internet TV show entitled  "What It Is." The name of the show has been changed to "Donny B's Music Lounge."   

 I knew it would take a lot of time and work to present the show and because I am a perfectionist, I need a little more time. Please stayed tuned. We'll be airing real soon. 

Just click the "Donny B's" link for updates. 

 Check out web sites of my family, friends and colleagues. Bryan Blackman (cousin),  Alex Bugnon, Ed Jackson, Marcus Miller, George Duke, Jazz Cafe in London, Gene Perla, McCoy Tyner, Vince Evans, Omar Hakim, Ollie "Necam 7" Cotton, Michal Urbaniak, Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker, Herbie Hancock, Chaka Khan, Elvin Jones, Ronnie Burrage, Sting and etc. If I can think of anyone else, I'll post it here. 

 As you know, Weldon Irvine Jr. passed away on April 9, 2002. For those who were able or not able to attend funeral services for Weldon Irvine Jr. the family requested that there not be a viewing out of respect for his son Weldon Irvine III (a minor). 

However, you can now view Weldon Irvine Jr. during the memorial. You can also see  him accepting an award from Jazz Saxophonist Harold Ousley. 

For years I've composed, produced, arranged, sang and performed voice overs for 3 tree Productions. 

Check out the samples. Kool-Aid made for television. I played piano and performed background vocals on "Come to Jamaica and feel all right"  made for television. 

I've also performed vocal and voice over work as well as co-writing for director/producer Mustapha Khan. You probably saw this commerial made for television entitled HIV Awareness. The voice over is yours truly. I've also performed (singing and voice overs) for Sesame Street. 

My cousin Neil Phillips proprietor of J.Foster Phillips Funeral Home in Jamaica, Queens have been serving the community for over 50 years. 

I've decided to create a promotional video about his business. I did everything but write the diolog which was written by Luisa James mother of my son Kyle and daughter Renie. 

The first of 4 seasons I had the pleasure of working with established artists on the hit TV series New York Undercover. 

If you watched the show, you would see me doing my thang in a club called Natalies. I've been asked by many for directions to the club. For the record, Natalies was a prop 
 built on the set. It doesn't exist.

I am a Christian and love the Lord. There are times you may not be able to make it to church, however, there's a church a couple of blocks from where I live that I want you to check out. 

The Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral of New York where the Rev. Floyd Flake is the pastor, streams live video every Sunday at 6:30am, 8:30am and 11:15am. 

One of the most talented singers on the planet Melonie Daniels sings with the praise team, choir and of course sings leadat his church.

There's always something happening with the Kats and Kittens of Jamaica, Queens. 

You can always access the news page for updates. There's also the obituaries page to keep you updated on people that died who never died before.

 If you're flying to New York to party, work or just have fun, you'll need a place to stay. There are hotels in Jamaica, Queens and Manhattan. If you need to rent a car check out Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National and Thrifty.

If you're ever in the Jamaica, Queens New York area and need to have your oil changed, engine flushed, Transmission Fluid changed just to mention a few, go to QwikLube located at 130-07 Merrick Blvd. 

Ask for Vinny. Tell him Don Blackman sent you. I promise you'll get professional services from professional people. I'm not just saying it to be saying it. I'm saying it because it's true.