Things to know before buying bongs

consumption of cannabis

If you love smoking cannabis, and looking for an alternative way to experience cannabis then a bong would be the best option for you. Bong helps in filtering the smoke of cannabis or any other herbs that you want to smoke. With the best bongs, you will be able to enjoy the pure form of smoke without any impurities. Here are a few things that you should understand about bong before start using it.

What is a bong?

A bong is a glass pipe that is used to smoke the substance. You could find the bong made of different materials on the market. You can try using the bong if you want to have the best effects. Because bong would reach the lungs faster compared to other methods. A bong is filled with water and it cools the smoke that offers you a smooth hit.

Different parts of a bong:

The bong consists of different parts that help to have a better experience. The modern equipment comes with a percolator that makes the smoke much smoother and you will not find any harshness in the smoke. Here are a few parts of the best bongs that you should know.

consumption of cannabis

Tube: The tube in the bong allows the filtered smoke to travel and reach the smoker’s mouth.

Mouthpiece: It is the upper piece of the bong that would allow you to enjoy the filtered smoke.

Glass bowl: The glass bowl allows you to keep all the dry cannabis or any other substance that you want to heat. Depending on your smoking needs, you can choose the right bowl size that would allow you to enjoy the maximum smoke.

Some of the bongs come with percolators that would take some time to chill the smoke before it reaches the lungs. When you choose the device with the percolators, then you would enjoy the high-quality smoke.


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