Don Blackman & The Family Tradition


He’s soulful, he’s cool and captivating. Blessed with a uniqueness all his own, Don’s charisma is distinctively and unmistakably real and funky! He is the creator and founder of the “Family Tradition” band and writer of soothing ballads to play for your “Heart’s Desire.”

Being sampled by rappers like “Master P” and “Snoop Doggy Dog,” his tracks are explosive and electrifying.

Universally known for his sensitivity, natural suaveness and versatility, Don has discovered and brought together some of the most talented musicians in the world, to blend their flavors and bring to you a dynamic mixture of soul, gospel, funk and jazz, to relax your mind, heal your spirit and send your imagination soaring to exotic uncharted spaces.

DESIRE WHITE like Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer and Kelly Price carries the rich heritage and style of gospel, funk and jazz, which can only be found in church.

Being a member of the world renowed “White” family of the “Institutional Church Of God In Christ” in Brooklyn, New York.

Desire is a prolific songwriter, arranger and has collaborated with Don on many projects.

She has the best “ears” of anyone Don has ever worked with. Desire was blessed with a voice and range most “divas” would envy. When it comes to talent, there’s only one Desire.

SHERI SNYDER is a Jamaica Queens resident who has a unique style all her own. Her sassy yet tasty vocals lures the listener to her world of soul, in ballads and funk. Her voice is heavenly yet funky.

As a lead singer, her choice of notes will send chills down your spine and bring tears to your eyes.

She is incomparable at filling in all the empty spaces of a tune and yet leaving room for the ears to savor and vibe on the music itself. Sheri is a must hear in the world of music. Whatever you ask for musically, she’ll give you.

Sheri is also a writer and arranger.

STEVE HORTON is another musician from Jamaica Queens. Steve was introduced to Don by Barry Sonjohn back in 1981.

Barry told Don, “This is the man that’s needed to make this record complete.” Sonjohn was more than right.

Steve hears and plays the right stuff that’s needed to smooth out the ruff edges on any tune. He compliments any type of music with a flair that is mellifluous. His talents doesn’t stop there.

Steve is a also a writer, producer, arranger and vocalist. His rhythm and solo chops as a guitarist are unsurpassed with flavor and feeling.

BARRY SONJOHN is one of the most funkiest bass players in the world today. A Jamaica Queens Kat, Barry has made his mark in the world of music. He is a writer and arranger.

His unique style of playing the bass has become a tradition to many bassist all over the world. Barry is also a vocalist.

His smooth style and “pop” delivery enhances the earthy textures of his voice. Coupled with a charisma and showmanship all his own, Barry is the consummate entertainer!

EDDIE MARTINEZ is one of the greatest rock and funk guitarist in the world today.

Eddie and Don has worked together in the “Lenny White and Twennynine” band back in the 80’s.

Denzil Miller (one of the keyboardist for Lenny at the time) turned the group on to Eddie. Needless to say, Don was blown away by his powerful solos and musical presence.

When you hear a guitar that breathes fire, makes lighting and crashes thunder, you’re listening to the man himself, Eddie Martinez! Writing, producing and singing are just some of the talents Eddie has to offer.

DENNIS CHAMBERS is the funkiest drummer in the universe today.

Don met Dennis back in 1980 at the world’s famous Apollo Theater in Harlem New York where he was playing with Parliament Funkadelic.

His drumming technique is indeed impeccable. Don had a chance to jam with Parliament that night, and the first thing that grabbed him was Dennis’s playing.

Very few drummers can be funky, keep the “pocket,” swing in jazz, pulsate to the rhythms of fusion and keep time in any tempo, but Dennis had mastered it all. It was truly a blessing that Dennis played on every cut on the “Blackman” album.